Our Vision: Our City, Our Homeless, Our Shared Responsibility

Our Mission: Realizing our personal and collective responsibility to our fellow man, we mobilize our community to end homelessness. 

Who We Are
  • Beach is a voluntary association of faith organizations, nonprofits, businesses, individuals
     and governments which have joined together to end homelessness in our city.
  • We focus on those activities that we can do better together, and those critical things that advance our work to end homelessness and achieve the most success.
  • We work to align all our work to better and best serve our goals. 
  • We support those activities that are aligned with our mission and goals.
  • We welcome all who share our goals to join and be a part of the decision-making process.
  • We think that participative decision-making is the best way to move our entire community’s efforts forward. This means that we practice inclusiveness, openness, and transparency.
  • BEACH offers members the opportunity to network with and consult with the broadest possible range of experts, providers, and stakeholders; we offer a communication network to get your word out; we offer the opportunity to coordinate with existing agencies and efforts; and for certain activities, we offer our work to mobilize the community, to allocate resources, and to conduct fund raising toward that effort.
  • What we expect from members is alignment with our vision, mission and goals; and help in building an ongoing, sustainable organization. BEACH's active members represent faith, city and non-profit organizations that serve the homeless. 

Our Roles in the Community: BEACH...
  • is where our community studies, develops, adopts and supports great plans to end homelessness. 
  • focuses advocacy for our adopted plans to help them be realized. We are the “tip of the spear” in our community’s overall efforts to end homelessness. 
  • raises or helps raise resources that will make our plans become reality.
  • brings together the many players in the community to help them coordinate, collaborate and be as effective as possible both individually and together. 
  • works in alignment with the housing, homelessness and overall goals of the City of Virginia Beach.
  • promotes and supports coordination with our city neighbors and the entire region when appropriate to achieve shared goals.

Our Goals
  1. To prevent homelessness whenever and wherever possible
  2. To help people who become homeless obtain and maintain appropriate, permanent housing as quickly as possible 
  3. To expand opportunities for decent, safe and affordable housing
  4. To improve services through better communication, coordination, enhancement, streamlined access and elimination of redundancies 
  5. To expand the availability of resources to achieve our goals
  6. To help people by connecting them to services, training and resources
  7.  To increase understanding in our community regarding homelessness
  8. To advocate for the expansion of quality programs and creation of new initiatives to advance our mission